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The Entrepreneurship Service Points (PAE) facilitate the creation of new companies and registration of self-employed people, the effective start of their activity and start-up, as well as the provision of information, processing of documentation, accompaniment, training and support for financing and business internationalization.

What is the PAE Network?

Discover what the PAE Network is, what types of PAE exist and how to become an Entrepreneurship Service Point.


PAE Services

The PAEs offer help for the creation and constitution of companies and registration of self-employed workers and more value-added services.


Entrepreneurship Service Points Search (PAE)

Find your PAE among the more than 4.000 PAE PAEs distributed throughout Spain, with 7.000 especialistas, specialists, as well as the services they provide.


Access to the CIRCE system for PAE specialists

PRIOR APPOINTMENT to the in-person PAE of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism

Access to MANAGER for PAE specialists